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About us

Over the years Fontanel has grown out to become the largest online platform for the Dutch creative community.

It’s a destination thousands of Dutch creative professionals & students visit every month looking for creative inspiration and career opportunities.

What started out as a blog in 2006 gradually grew into an online magazine with a loyal community of followers.

In 2011 the job board - Fontanel Jobs - was introduced to the family and rapidly became the biggest niche job board for creatives in the Netherlands.

Our mission

We believe that employers and candidates are ultimately searching for the same thing: the right fit.

Our mission is to create a more authentic connection between creative teams and talent, providing stepping stones along the way in their creative career growth.

“In an era where only 12% of candidates put trust in what employers say about themselves, companies must increasingly rely on their employees to be their spokespeople on the employee experience.” 

— Harvard Business Review


Over the years, thousands of companies have used Fontanel Jobs to hire creative professionals. Our customers range from leading global brands to fast growing startups to mission-driven organisations of all sizes.

1. Plus profiles

A plus company profile page gives active and passive candidates an authentic, behind-the-scenes look into your work environment, your people, and your culture.

With your unique story consistently being showcased in front of top talent looking for work, you will attract, hire, and retain the right people for your team.

Get a plus profile
  • Beautiful designed page that resonates with creative professionals.

  • Content targeted specifically towards creative professionals.

  • Better informed candidates resulting in a higher quality of applications.

  • Pro-active and consistent recruitment strategy all year round.

  • Minimal effort required: we do the work of setting up your page.

Pricing, based on company size:
  • Small (1 - 10 employees): € 500 per year

  • Medium (11 - 50 employees): € 750 per year

  • Large (51 - 250 employees): € 1000 per year

  • Huge (251+ employees): € 1250 per year

2. Company spotlight

Want to create more exposure for your company on our platform all year round? We help you stand out and get seen by our audience when and where it matters.

By being a spotlight company your company profile will be featured in a visual way throughout the entire Fontanel Jobs career platform, in listings and even on the pages of your competitors.

  • Visible in the 'Spotlight Companies' carrousel on:

    - The homepage
    - The city and company type subpages
    - The active jobs posted on the job board
    - The profile pages of your competitors and all other companies

  • Makes your company profile and job post stand out in all possible listings

  • Extra visibility for active job seekers

  • More awareness for passive job seekers

  • Proactive recruitment strategy all year round.


€ 1000 for 12 month ‘company spotlight’

3. Job post

Fontanel Jobs has been the biggest job board for the Dutch creative industry for years, visited by thousands of job seekers each month. Create, preview and publish your job post within 5 minutes.

  • #1 creative job board in The Netherlands

  • Trusted by 2.800+ companies

  • Visited by 15.000 + job seekers monthly

  • Weekly email roundup sent to 2.500+ job seekers

  • Jobs shared to our 5.000+ followers on Twitter

  • Searchable by city, job category and company type

  • € 300 for a single job placement (live 60 days)

  • Discount credit packs:

    - 3 for €750 (€250 each)
    - 5 for €1125 (€225 each)
    - 10 for €2000 (€200 each)

  • Job placement credits never expire

  • Placement of internships is free

4. Job spotlight

Growing fast and in need of new colleagues asap? Give your job post or internship extra visibility by making it a 'spotlight job'. It will be featured in a visual way on strategic places within the Fontanel Jobs career platform.

  • Visible in the 'Spotlight Jobs' carrousel on:

    - The homepage
    - The 'Creative jobs' landing page
    - The 'Internships' landing page

  • Create more visibility for your job post for active job seekers

  • Create more awareness for passive job seekers

  • € 100 for a spotlight job or internship (live 60 days)

  • Spotlight ends when job expires

Spotlight a job

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Every company is unique and every candidate looks for different things in a new job, team and company.

Our understanding of creative professionals can help you tell your story in an honest way, connect you with the right talent and supercharge your growth.

Reach out if you have any questions or requests.